About Us

This blog was created by Eric Evenstad and Mark Robinson.  We hope to share information, anecdotes, and tips for business owners, self-employed professionals, independent contractors, and freelancers.

Eric Evenstad and Mark Robinson are from Boulder County, Colorado.

Eric Evenstad
Eric is a mobile marketing professional, and is the owner and founder of SMS Deals.  Eric works in and around Denver and Boulder, Colorado.

Mark Robinson
Mark Robinson is a digital media professional and founder of Deer Whale Media.  Mark resides in New York, NY and spends time in his hometown of Louisville, Colorado.

In addition to their own ventures, Eric and Mark co-founded Local Louisville CO, a web-presence in Louisville, Colorado.

You can contact Eric and Mark by commenting on their blog posts, or by messaging them through social networks.

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Mark: WebLinkedIn - Facebook - Google+

About Our Post Categories

As we blog, we like to classify our posts based on the type of information we are relaying, and sometimes, the specific topic we're covering.  You can access the posts from a specific category by clicking the links in the navigation bar at the top of our pages.

Starting a Business Posts share general information young entrepreneurs and small-business owners should know as they go through the process of staring a business or maintaining a young business.

Productivity Posts give tips for staying productive, effective and efficient.

Anecdotal Posts retell personal anecdotes as they relate to our business ventures.  Usually, these will walk through the resolution of a specific issue we faced.  While they are personal, we seek to relate these stories back to global truths with wide business applications.

Free Idea Press Posts are free ideas we would like to see executed in the real-world presented as fake press releases.


While we seek to provide helpful information, we are not legal or accounting professionals.  The views presented are our own opinions, and are not a substitute for legal or accounting counsel.